What do Macy’s, Kohl’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Sears, Costco, Sam’s, Wal-Mart, Target, Big Lots and Fry’s all have in common?  They all sell vacuums out of an aisle, and not one of them have an in-house service department to support the customer!  After assembling the vacuum yourself, you will notice a prominent label on the vacuum; “Do Not Return to Store With This Vacuum.”  Sadly, for most, this is where vacuums are purchased.

 So, I am telling anyone considering a new vacuum purchase, that buying out of an isle is not your only option.

What if the entire store was devoted to floor care?  There is such a store, and it’s called Long’s Vacuum & Appliance.  Here, you will find some of the highest quality vacuums in our industry.  Selecting the right vacuum that fits your needs and your budget is important.  Providing warranty, parts and service for that vacuum protects your purchase and assures each customer a long term, hassle-free experience.  So, break the habit.  Exercise your option and leave the aisle for the whole store advantage found at Long’s Vacuum & Appliance.  Quality Is Our Business.


We want the Neo’s

This video helps you understand why we don’t sell everything a big box store sells. We decided long ago to make ourselves a “Destination Store” and sell “The Extraordinary”. Quality, lifespan and serviceability are what we are all about and that is exactly what all our brands we sell are all about too.



By Weldon Long

In 1999, on the eve of turning a century old, I wondered how long it took for Miele to develop into the high quality, select distribution company they were known for today?

Over 100 years ago, in the face of fierce competition, Miele built its first cream separator.  There were no less than 30 factories at the time, all building as cheaply as possible.  Even then, the race to the bottom, sacrificing quality for price, existed.  The founder, Carl Miele, saw his opportunity to build solid, reliable separators that provided more volume and lasted longer.  From the beginning, Miele was “Forever Better” (Immer Besser in German).  115 years and four generations later, Miele is at the forefront of quality and innovation, and is the largest family owned appliance company in the world.

As a retailer in our second generation, Long’s Vacuum & Appliance operates in a crowded marketplace.  Like Miele, we compete by offering the customer a quality, long lasting option.  Let us show you the difference a RICCAR, LINDHAUS, MIELE OR SEBO vacuum can make in your home or office.


Hello, I’m Weldon Long.

When I stop and reflect on our impending 60th anniversary, I’m amazed at the twists and turns we’ve made to get us here.  I recall, as a child, helping my Dad unload a pickup full of vacuums he had retrieved to bring in for cleaning and lubrication.  During the summers I would head up demolition in my Dad’s rebuilding operation.  Until his passing in 1986, labor was still a huge chunk to our bottom line. 

About five years into my tenure, Hoover came out with a much cheaper chassis design to replace the old Hoover Convertible.  This marked the first shift from quality to disposable.  Today, you can buy a full size vacuum for as little as $39.95.  You don’t  get much, but for some, it’s as good as it needs to be. 

For the discerning vacuum owner, a clean home and protecting the indoor air quality is a priority.  Finding the right vacuum for this customer is what we focus on today.  With award winning brands such as MIELE, RICCAR, LINDHAUS AND SEBO, you can be assured of many years of hassle-free ownership.